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A C C E S S  Education 

Advocacy & Consultation for Children's Education Services & Support

Serving Children & Families in the State of Michigan 

Professional Advocate Service to help  with  IEP Meetings, Special Education, 504 Plans, Suspension, Expulsion,  Behavior and Manifestations.  

Can We Afford A C C E S S?

You can begin with A C C E S S by taking advantage of our no cost initial consultation via phone or email.


Our fee structure is reasonable, and less costly than hiring an attorney.   


A C C E S S provides a sliding scale fee structure  for clients.  We are committed to  all students achieving.    


Please call us to schedule your initial consultation.



Why Choose A C C E S S 

The A C C E S S organization operates in a team fashion, with all cases being reviewed regularly by the entire team.  We believe at  A C C E S S  that we are always more effective together.


A C C E S S gets results without destroying the relationship you (need to) have with your child’s school.   We have a solid history of achieving good results while protecting your necessary relationship with your child’s school.  After all, your child will still attend that school moving forward.  We know students & families benefit from a good relationship with the staff and teachers.


A  C C E S S has respect from school administrators,  resting on our knowledge and ability to achieve for your child in a professional manner.  We are grateful to have referrals from schools as well as from our satisfied clients.


You can find out more about A C C E S S  Education, our team and how we work by clicking the 'more info' button.


A C C E S S Can Help

A C C E S S Education provides professional education advocacy and consultation services for parents, caregivers, providers and support agencies.  


A C C E S S  Education becomes part of your child's team,  advocating in the following areas;


  • Student Case Review

  • Assessment, Identification, & Eligibility

  • IEPs (Student-based)

  • Placement (LRE)

  • Inclusion Review

  • Section 504

  • Early Intervention

  • Disciplinary Matters

  • Revised (MI) High School Diploma Requirements & Personal Curriculum

  • Transition & EDPs

  • Procedural Issues

  • Cultural Considerations

  • Adopted Children

  • Due Process Evaluation

  • Expert Testimony


So, What Next?

If you are here reading our page, you probably already have an issue you feel you need help with.   Getting help for what can be a complex and emotional process is a smart move.  


So what next?   The first step is to call or email us and let us know what the issues are that you and your child are facing.  This first consultation is at no cost to you.


Once we review the issues you have, we will let you know a proposed plan of action and if we can help your child’s need be better met by their school.  If you select A C C E S S  Education for your child's team, we will help you understand the process, laws, rules and what to expect moving forward.  

ADD, ADHD. Autism. Asperger. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Downs Syndrome,  Cognitive Impairment, Deaf Blind, Hard of Hearing,  Hearing Impairment,  Other Health Impairment,
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