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Meet  A C C E S S  Edcuation

A C C E S S Education is a Michigan group that specializies in helping kids and their families obtain the right education services and placements.   We work as a team for the best interests of your child's education.  Making the A C C E S S   Education Team part of your child's school team can be a very smart decision.  

Meet the A C C E S S  Team


When you have an issue with your child's school;  IEP's, 504 plans, behavior plans, placement changes or sudden disciplinary action, you may need immediate help.  A C C E S S has a team that is prepared to step in and help when you need it.  


Debora Blake, J.D.  Director
Education Advocate

Deb founded A C C E S S in 2008  She came to Advocacy work after a career in various aspect of law.  Her professional experience includes work as a


  • Special Education Hearing Officer

  • Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

  • Legislative Attorney for Education and Disability Civil Rights

  • Children/Juvenile Law Attorney and Guardian ad Litem

  • Conflict Management Specialist


Deb leads the A C C E S S team and directs all cases within her team.  She has one of the most respected track records within the Advocacy Community in Michigan as well as with clients and schools.


Deb is a recognized expert in the field and presents to various groups and seminars on the topics of special education.


Deb is the mother of 8 children, 4 of whom have received special education services.


Meet A C C E S S  Education


This interview of Deb Blake, Director of A C C E S S   Education, is from a new program about special education advocacy in Michigan.  It will provide you with accurate insight of who we are and how we work.

Why Choose ACCESS  Education Advocates?

A C C E S S  Education is a different kind of education advocacy.   Over many years of experience, A C C E S S  has developed a professional model of advocacy that ensures we deliver the most effective results for your child.   Unlike other advocates, we scrupulously follow this tried and true process to ensure that all our clients gain the best results possible.  


So what makes our method different?

Professionalism at every turn.


  • We treat every client with respect.  

  • We meet with all of our clients prior to any school meetings, and most especially we meet and see the child in their home setting.  This empowers us at the table to speak with authority about the best interests of your child.

  • We notify schools of our position as professional advocates for your child, in writing, along with notice and request for records.  This lets the schools know they should expect to deal with us on behalf of your child and that you are taking a more active step to ensure your child's appropriate education.

  • We interact directly with the school on your child's behalf in correspondence and meetings.  This allows us, in many cases, to access relationships we have built over time in various districts.  We are aware of the resources, staff and policies of many districts, which helps to inform us of how to proceed to the best advantage of your child.

  • We inform and educate you about the process you are engaged in with the school, what you can expect and how to help achieve your objectives for your child.

  • We make direct school observations of your child in their classes.

  • We treat schools, teachers and administrators with respect and professionalism, and expect the same in return for you and your child.   We have a strong history of repairing broken communication lines and reestablishing solid relationships with families and schools.

  • We keep in mind at all times that once our work is concluded,  you and your child must still have an ongoing, healthy and productive relationship with the school, and your child needs to attend the school.  A productive and respectful relationship with the school is needed to make the possible.

    • In the circumstances where the school is not acting in good faith or unwilling to work with parents or advocates in a productive manner, we seek ways to permit the relationship to be repaired, the schools to offer the appropriate education and the child to feel wanted and protected.

  • We do not practice law and make every attempt to avoid the need for legal remedy.  This saves everyone money and time.  In the case where this is not possible, A C C E S S will refer you to a firm we have confidence and experience with.

  • We get results for the benefit of kids, not adults.

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