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Education Services

There are many education related situtions where we can Advocate for your child

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IEP's (Individualized Education Plan) & 504 Plans

IEP meetings are the place where the plan for your childs education is developed, based on evidence, by a team of professionals who know your child, including you.


Sometimes it can seem you are on a different 'team' than everyone else in the room, reading different reports and seeing things that appear very clear to you alone.  We can help.


A C C E S S can help
  • Explain the process of the IEP and related rules and laws

  • Attend IEP meetings as your child's professional advocate

  • Collaborate with the IEP team to develop a good plan for your child

  • Obtain indicated services based on appropriate testing and the needs of your child, such as ABA Therapy

  • Ensure appropriate testing has been done or gets done, which your child is legally entitled to

  • Protect your child from inappropriate decisions by schools 

  • Obtain appropriate placement for your child in the least restrictive environment 

  • Be on your child's team with only their best interests as our goal.

Disciplinary Issues

Did you know that schools have particular obligations when it comes to discipline and your child?  


We do, and we are prepared to help your child be treated correctly.   We can advocate for your child when they are facing:


  • Suspensions

  • Expulsions

  • Manifest Determinations

  • Placement Changes



A C C E S S can help
  • Work with the school on a behavior plan.  

  • Assist in the determination of manifestation process.

  • Help assure the best interests of your child and their education are protected.


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