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What Others have to say about

A C C E S S Education

The greatest compliment we can get is to have happy children learning, and parents who are no longer stressed about their child having the opportunity to achieve. 

Racine & Rick M. ~ Parents of a 16-year old

"My husband and I truly appreciate your intervention on behalf of [our daughter]. Thanks to you, we have also developed a better working relationship with the school. I believe that we can all now stay focused on what is best for her."


Lisa Falasco, Principal ~
Michigan Center School District

"Ms. Blake understands that education involves much more than providing appropriate academics. She promotes fairness, compassion, communication and partnership. Ms. Blake listens to and considers all aspects of the issues while focusing on what is best for the student." 


Steven W.F. Berwick ~
Administrative Hearing Coordinator

"...In all instances, I found Ms. Blake to be knowledgeable, highly capable, amicable and efficient. Participants [parents, school representatives and attorneys] who attended proceedings conducted by Ms. Blake indicated that positive results were effectuated by her professional administration of the proceedings." 


Scott C. ~ age 10

"Thankx for helping make things better for me at skool. I am doing alot better now and I feel happyer."


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