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A C C E S S   Services  

Advocates for Children and their Unique Educational Needs

Education Services for Special Education, IEP help Michigan

Professional Advocacy for Your Child's Education

A C C E S S   Education Advocates are ready to help your child in a variety of areas.  Add A C C E S S to your child's team and we can provide our expertise with....


Expertise Areas
  • Student Case Review

  • Assessment, Identification, & Eligibility Issues

  • IEP (Student-based) Advocacy & Assistance

  • Placement (Least Restrictive Environment) Issues

  • Inclusion Review 

  • Section 504 Issues

  • Early Intervention Needs

  • Disciplinary Matters 

  • Revised (MI) High School Diploma Requirements  & Personal Curriculum Issues

  • Transition & EDPs

  • Procedural Issues

  • Cultural Considerations

  • Adopted Children

  • Due Process Evaluation

  • Expert Testimony

The A C C E S S Team & Your Child

A C C E S S Education is led by the most experienced and respected Professional Advocate in the State of Michigan - Debora Blake.  


When you choose A C C E S S Education as your child's advocate, your child's circumstances will be handled by our office as a team.  


Like many important things in life,  the team approach provides you with more expertise to make certain your child and their specific needs are everyone's most important consideration.



How Do I know if A C C E S S is the right place for my child's case?
  • Contact us for a free initial review.  


  • We encourage you to look at our testimonials and see what we have been able to accomplish for other children in Michigan


  • Please take the time to review our "ABOUT" section so you can know more about A C C E S S, how we work for our clients and our qualifications.


  • We are ready to make your child's team stronger and more productive for the betterment of your child's education.


Service Area

A C C E S S  Education is based in Southern Central Michigan.  We work with clients from all areas in the Lower Peninsula on a regular basis.  


We will work with clients in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a case by case basis, often dependent on the ability to travel due to weather, and cost of travel from Mid Michigan. 



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